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We’ve moved way beyond checkbook ledgers. Now you can manage budgets, pay down debts, and track investments from the comfort of … anywhere.

Credit Karma Mobile

This app not only lets you track your credit score—free of charge—it explains what the numbers mean, with helpful definitions of terms like credit card utilization rate and links to relevant articles and posts on Credit Karma’s website. And it will alert you when there are major changes to your credit report.

WIRED Charts turn credit-score management into a sort of game, but with real money.

TIRED Reports are from TransUnion only, rather than all three major credit reporting agencies.

Free iOS | Credit Karma Mobile

Mint.com Personal Finance

Mint attaches itself to your bank and credit accounts and automatically retrieves data, including deposits and purchases, rather than making you enter everything manually. Create as many budget lines as you want—food, clothing, transportation, etc.—and get alerts when you go over budget.

WIRED Track investments. Colored bars (green, yellow, red) for quick visual snapshot of each monthly budget line.

TIRED Annoying “advice” emails (you can opt out). Pie charts available only on tablet, no phone versions.

Free iOS | Free Android | Mint.com Personal Finance

App Guide 2012 bug

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