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Windows 8 has hardware manufacturers trying out some new dance moves. We’ve seen a wave of oddball hybrid devices running Microsoft’s new touch-sensitive, power-sipping OS, most of which combine a portable tablet with a sliding or detachable keyboard. But more unique than the laptop/tablet hybrid is this contraption: the desktop/tablet hybrid.

This is where Sony has turned to create the VAIO Tap 20 Mobile Desktop. It’s got a 20-inch touchscreen and comes bundled with a keyboard and mouse, so it looks more like a small all-in-one PC than anything else. But it also has a retractable kickstand on the back, so it can be laid flat on a tabletop or even carried like an overgrown tablet. A built-in battery also makes it possible to use it for up to three hours without any external power source.

While that may sound like Sony’s designers were a bit confused about what the final product should be, the Tap 20 is actually a pretty compelling choice for tech-savvy families wanting a “living room computer” that’s easy to move around, or those users looking for an entertainment device.

The Tap 20 is propped up by a U-shaped metal stand on its back. The stand folds to rest flush against the computer, making it possible to use the PC as a tablet — a

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