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Saying you’ve found “the best point-and-shoot camera” is like saying you’ve got “the best kind of toe fungus.” It’s something hardly anybody wants.

We’re all carrying around perfectly capable cameras on our smartphones, so if you’re going to recommend adding the bulk and expense of a compact camera without an interchangeable lens, it’d better be truly exemplary.

This is the camera that turned me around: The Sony Cybershot RX100, a $650 point-and-shoot. It’s not exactly a new camera — it’s been out since mid-2012, and I grew curious only after reading rave reviews from the likes of David Pogue at The New York Times and Steve Huff at, both of whom praised it as the best pocket camera ever made. It’s also The Wirecutter’s current top pick among all point-and-shoots. Talk about the belle of the ball, right? So, I called in a review unit and spent three months with it, carrying it around with me in the city, and taking it on a vacation in Hawaii to test it. At the end of those three months, I can agree with the others — if you’re in the market for a pocket camera that possesses rocket-fast speed, isn’t a burden to carry, and delivers absolutely awesome photos, this is the one to buy.

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