Photo by Ariel Zambelich/Wired

The consumer market on aerodynamic, all-carbon road racing wheels has been, to say the least, flimsy.

It’s been dominated by wheelsets made for one task only — going fast — and companies such as Zipp and Mavic have created “time trial” and “tri” wheels for years. But as a consumer, you had to make a choice: Do I want all-carbon 90 mm wheels that’ll make all the other gearheads drool? Or do I want wheels that are reliable and capable of taking on the terrain that a rigorous ride requires?

As technology becomes more advanced, materials become cheaper, and minds grow brighter, there’s more innovation happening in the area of competitive racing wheels. In other words, now we can have both — a drool-worthy, all-carbon wheelset that can reliably handle any just about any road condition.

Reynolds is at the center of that breakthrough with its new Aero line. It’s been adapted from the company’s RZR line of wheels we all know and love, but could never afford. When I got word about the new advancements in airflow technology being used at Reynolds, I jumped at the opportunity to test the brand new Aeros. The results were eye-opening to myself and the other bike nerds here at Wired, and they satisfied all the rumors we’d heard through

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