Left Image: ACalendar.
Right Image: Week Calendar

Our lives are booked up with office holiday parties, flash mobs, and virtual hangouts. Luckily, keeping track of events has never been easier.

Week Calendar

The iPhone’s standard calendar has one serious omission: a weekly view. This utility fills that void. It can also sync with not just the iOS Calendar but any others you might be using, like Google Calendars and Outlook. It also lets you download sports calendars for the NBA, MLB, MLS, and more.

WIRED Includes list, day, and month views. Stretches out in landscape mode.

TIRED You’re stuck with a single chirping sound for event reminders.

$2.99 iOS | Week Calendar

Touch Calendar

Forget pulling up menus to jump between daily, weekly, and monthly views to see what’s on the horizon. This app lets you pinch or double-tap to zoom in on your calendar and scroll through coming months, weeks, and days without having to flip virtual pages. It’s the easiest way for Android users to manage their schedules.

WIRED Syncs with Google Calendar, including that service’s colors. Jump to any date from the menu.

TIRED The app lacks list and agenda views.

$2.45 Android | Touch Calendar

App Guide 2012 bug

App Guide 2012 bug

Agenda Calendar

This gesture-based

Read More at:: http://www.wired.com/reviews/2013/01/app-guide-calendars-scheduling/

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