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Either you’ve been hacked or you haven’t — yet. Keep your money, data, and identity safe with these password organizers and generators.


Save and encrypt photos and entire documents alongside your credit cards and website passwords. Protect everything with a PIN, a password, or one of those pattern-tracing dealies. Back it up using iTunes, email, or Wi-Fi, set it to alert you to attempted break-ins, and have it remind you to change your master password every so often.

WIRED Multiple options for authentication. Set up a decoy safe to “prove” you don’t have passwords to adult sites.

TIRED No desktop integration.

$5.99 iOS | OneSafe

App Guide 2012 bug

App Guide 2012 bug

1Password Pro

The mobile app works well on its own, but it shines as part of a platform-spanning cryptosystem that automatically keeps logins updated across your mobile, laptop, and desktop devices. A master password, separate from the access code, can protect your banking and credit card logins, but the app lets you turn it off to find things like your gym locker combination.

WIRED Access code plus master password make for double the security.

TIRED Text-only storage.

$14.99 iOS | 1Password Pro


Store passwords and other sensitive data according to categories that range

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