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Like a lot of other cameras Olympus is churning out these days, the E-P5 looks straight out of the ’60s. Of course, that’s all a retro-facade. Despite its nostalgia-tinged design, this Micro Four-Thirds shooter is the newest and fastest addition to Olympus’ PEN lineup of cameras. In fact, it’s basically a smaller version of the company’s former top-shelf mirrorless camera: the OM-D E-M5.

Olympus definitely didn’t cut any corners while downsizing. When you factor in the camera’s faster shutter and autofocus speeds, higher-resolution touchscreen, better battery life, and Wi-Fi features, you could easily make the case that it’s an even better camera than the OM-D E-M5. That’s no small feat even if the E-M5 is about to get replaced by a new flagship model.

The PEN E-P5 isn’t weather-sealed like the E-M5, but its all-metal body still feels solid, and has a pleasing heft. Both cameras offer the same 16-megapixel sensor and $1,000 body-only price. However, the E-P5 comes with a pricier $1,450 kit that features a 17mm/F1.8 prime lens and an attachable electronic viewfinder (EVF). Considering that, alone, the lens ($500) and EVF ($280) add up to nearly $800,

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