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When my editor praised the exceptional quality of Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover with a near-perfect rating, I wondered how any iPad keyboard cover could top or equal that.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to The Contender with the funny name: ZAGGkeys PROplus, a keyboard cover equal to Logitech’s in design and typing comfort that goes one step (actually, make that seven steps) further by adding a week’s worth of backlight color options.

It comes to us from Zagg, a company that makes screen protectors and all sorts of other inexpensive accessories for tablets and smartphones. Though at $130, this backlit iPad keyboard falls closer to the pointy end of its product lineup.

Pair it to your tablet (it’s compatible with iPads 2 to 4) via Bluetooth and, like other keyboard covers, you slot the iPad into the groove just above the keys. Zagg has chosen the familiar island-style (aka chiclet) keys, and I approve of the design. The keys are shaped and spaced in a way that feels balanced on the otherwise compact keyboard. As a finicky touch typist, I felt right at home here, especially since the keys offer a just-right level of travel. Not to be outshined by other models with extra built-in features, Zagg has also added a top row of function keys for cutting

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