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These apps will walk you through everything from iPad repairs to sailing knots to experiments for budding scientists.


Nanoscale science plays by its own rules. DIY Nano has videos and activity guides that walk young scientists through the special properties of these materials—like making polymerized, wormlike Gummy Shapes to explain how nanocapsules are created through self-assembly.

WIRED Science experiments like Mystery Sand double as party tricks. Refreshingly high production value, especially for a free app.

TIRED Only eight activities. Project materials can be a bit obscure. (Blue Morpho butterfly wings, anyone?).

Free iOS | DIYNano

Animated Knots By Grog

If you need to tie it, this app will show you how, whether you want to use a full Windsor (neckwear), a bowline (boats), or a trucker’s hitch (best for securing heavy loads). Each knot has a step-by-step animated how-to and a description of what it’s best for.

WIRED Offers alternatives to the knot in question. Rope Care section has tips on preserving and cleaning cords, and even whipping a rope end to keep it from fraying.

TIRED The jerky animations are tough to follow.

$4.99 iOS | $4.99 Android | Animated Knots By Grog

Circuit Playground

Adafruit makes and sells parts, kits, and guides for both DIY tinkerers and pros. Circuit

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